The Many Uses of Greeting Cards

Uses of Greetings Cards

For a business to be in the competition it is always necessary that it has a strong client base. But it is not necessary that you can retain a customer by only selling your products and services. There are also other means of retaining customers like handing over custom made greeting cards on a special occasion. This is a good way to retain your customers and also do brand hammering of your company name and logo. Handing over of greeting cards is a sign of good and sober gesture. This creates a good impression in the mind of the customer, and also make the customer feel their important in the organization.

Greeting cards used for marketing promotions

Using of greeting cards for fulfilling marketing needs is direct. But, not annoying like other marketing tools. There are high chances that your customer may ignore the flyers and brochures handed over but, discarding an attractive looking greeting card is not easy. Birthdays, anniversaries are special occasions where an organization can forward a greeting card to their customers, but, there are occasions like, Christmas, New Year which are also most apt for you to post greeting cards.

Greeting cards an effective advertising tool

Greeting cards can also be an effective tool for advertising. Say for instance, it is your customers’ birthday and there are exciting birthday gifts which are available on your store, you can always display the gifts to your customer through greeting cards.

Greeting cards a creative way to attract customers’ attention

For a greeting cards to attract the customers’ attention it is necessary that it looks attractive and creative. Now-a-days there are greeting cards that are available in various shapes and sizes. Shape greeting cards according to the customers liking, and get surety that your message will be passed on. Greeting cards printing services are also available on die-cut print option, which will increase the customers’ interest and curiosity. Promoting brand awareness through greeting cards also makes the customer feel that your organization is there as and when they require your service.

Greeting cards an impressive tool to recall customers the organization name

Greeting cards are a way to express your thoughts and emotions. Thus, it helps to communicate at a more personal level, thereby helping you to build relation at a more personal level. There are clients in your record that are dormant for a very long time. And, sending greeting cards can refreshes your company name in their minds.

Greeting cards an effective motivational tool

There are moments when greeting postcards printing projects may and can be used for motivating employees for their exceptional contribution through their performance. This will give recognition within the organization and motivate him for future performance. Handing over a congratulatory greeting card also encourages the employee to stay loyal and dedicated towards the organization as he or she is impressed about the support within the organization.

Greeting cards make it look professional

Passing on thanks giving verbally makes it look unofficial, when it is coming from an organizations part. The best way to pass on thanks giving in a professional way is by conveying the message with the help of greeting cards.

Designing of greeting cards

Designing of greeting cards needs sincere and dedicated effort. There are various templates available for a creative design of your greeting cards. A greeting card should be designed depending on the mood of the occasion whereas a greeting card for formal thanksgiving should have a formal design. Greeting cards can be made to look attractive with a mix and match of colors. Making the right color choice will make it look more vibrant and eye catching. Make sure to use colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Using of pictures is also a creative approach towards printing a lively looking greeting card. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas are an example of few greeting cards where pictures can play a major role.


Some of the greeting cards are also used for promotional and advertising purposes. In that case greeting cards having the pictures of various products of your company can be effective for promoting your business. However, select designs that will look original and unique to the eyes of the customers. There are also other methods of making your greeting cards look more attractive. Using of glossy or matte finish for your greeting card will make it look more sophisticated and attractive. The shape and size of greeting cards can be as per your choice. For example, if it is a baby boy’s birthday then having birthday greeting cards at his preferable superhero shape will draw his attention better. The fonts used in the greeting card should be of a standard size so that, it is readable with the naked eyes. The color of the texts is also a place of concern, try and use colors that are in contrast with the color of the greeting card.

The material used for printing of greeting cards is also a major concern. Try and use good quality paper for the printing, as it will give a better look to the pictures and designs used in the greeting card. Other than that greeting cards made of good quality paper will make it more durable.

Who should print the greeting cards?

There ae various companies that are available in and around the city, from whom the printing of greeting cards can be done. But, it is always advisable that you do a thorough research on all the companies that are on your list. Make sure you read the comments and testimonials of every customer who has taken their service earlier. This will help in better filtration of your choice. Always go for the printing service that can provide you with quality printing and also at a desirable price of your choice. There are also many online printing companies that can do the printing of your greeting cards. They even provide privileges, like exclusive discounts and other offers on printing from their printing service. Last but not the least online printing companies also make sure that the end product is directly delivered at your doorsteps, thereby relieving you from the pain of collecting it at their store.