Wholesale Challenge Coins – Fact or Fiction

Wholesale challenge coins are a complete contradiction and go against everything most custom coin vendors stand for. Well except the cheesy advertising gimmicks.

Let’s take an investigative look as to why I believe this is such BS.

First of all the idea of wholesale implies that your customers will be buying from you at deeply discounted prices. Wrong! If they were buying from you at factory prices then an American based business wouldn’t have enough money to pay their employees, advertising or any other business expense. Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you did make enough to pay all those expenses, at least temporarily. What happens when business becomes slow and you don’t have any working capital because you didn’t make enough money from the orders you received? I mean you’re a wholesaler aren’t you? This scenario sets the stage for disastrous consequences for both the business and consumer.

Don’t be taken in by price alone. The myth busters; Adam and Jamie did prove that you can in fact polish a turd. Buying custom minted coins based on price alone is reckless to say the least.

Wholesale Challenge Coins

I have experienced occurrences where customers call us after they had coins made with one of our competitors and decide they want to create an order with us. In addition the new customer finds out their previous vendor supplied them an inferior product for a higher price. I have seen such extreme cases of this that South Korean manufactured coins could have been purchased and the customer still would have paid less than they did for the Chinese manufactured custom challenge coins they received. If you’re familiar with South Korean coins then you know they are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts. This extreme of a case is probably an anomaly but it brings to light real world situations.

The moral of this story is really the old adage you get what you pay for. I think the term wholesale in wholesale challenge coins is relative when compared with the retail prices you see from some already made coins for sale. The bottom line really is this, you can either invest your time shopping around for the best price or you can visit spartancoins.com where you can save $50 right now, today!

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