Google Indexing Redirects

Is Google indexing redirects was the question I asked myself last week when I noticed something strange in a search related to a keyword phrase I target. The indexed path in question is highlighted by a green box below.

Is Google indexing redirects?

Is Google indexing redirects?

Click on the image to see the path in question.

If Google is in fact indexing redirects then I would like to inquire as to how I get my redirects indexed.
I was under the impression that Google doesn’t like webmasters using redirects on their site to prevent commission theft and that the only redirects that are acceptable are those of top level domains, ie: to
So by that rationale, I don’t understand how or why this particular subdomain got indexed and furthermore I fail to understand why it would rank so high. There’s nothing particularly special about the landing page of this redirect. It’s just another page of
As far as I can tell there are clearly; higher quality, better qualified and overall flat out just more deserving sites available for indexing in this position.

I guess this question will sink into the black abyss of unanswered webmaster questions and remain a mystery like aliens, Area 51, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.