Yeah Arizona Diamondbacks

Wow another great win in the 2011 National League Divisional Series by the Arizona Diamondbacks. They did just what they were supposed to do by holding serve at home and at least forcing a game five.

Has there ever been another team that has hit grand slams in consecutive games in any other playoff series?

That sounds like a good question for the Elias Sports Bureau.

As a fan I am really excited. This team has been clutch all season long and they have all the momentum in the world heading back to Milwaukee for game 5.

Let’s go Diamondbacks.

Bad Arizona Drivers – Rant

I don’t know why Arizona drivers can’t use their directionals or signals as some may call them.  The lack of people using their signals really pisses me off but truthfully I have come to expect it.

The usage of signals is easy, doesn’t cost anything, can prevent accidents, can enlighten those around you of your intentions and signals come standard on every automobile that’s manufactured. 

I’m sure my previous statements will fall on deaf ears but this is my blog and at least it makes me feel better.  LOL!!

Take it easy,

Phoenix Coyotes – 031810

I am so happy for the Phoenix Coyotes. I watched them win tonight in Florida and couldn’t help but think of the additions they made at the trade deadline. This year is the first year that the Coyotes were buyers at the trade deadline instead of sellers. The team is playing great and Dave Tippett should earn coach of the year honors. As a fan I’m glad they are doing well. For us the fans, for themselves and for hockey in the desert. The only way to be relevant in the Phoenix metro area sports world is to WIN and they are. Sweet! rb