Former Reality TV Star Convicted of Rape and Sentenced to Life in Prison

My my my, how the once mighty have fallen. When I watched the show “Sons of Guns” I would have never suspected Will Hayden was capable of such a despicable and heinous act as rape, especially since the man has a daughter of his own.

It just goes to reinforce the idea that you never know what any human being is capable of.

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Merry Christmas To All – 2016

I would like to begin this post with a hearty Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. God bless us all today and moving forward.

I want to take a moment and digest aloud or at least in print what I witnessed yesterday from a football standpoint.

I watched the Arizona Cardinals beat the Seattle Seahawks in a typically great game between these two. It was nice to see the Cardinals finally play the way I expected them to the entire 2016 season. It was like they played free and relaxed with no expectations weighing them down. While it was a nice win, maybe even the signature win of the season it does not lessen the absolute atrocity this season has been for the Arizona Cardinals. I’m really looking forward to see what happens in 2017.

Now I want to talk about my beloved Oakland Raiders who won yesterday but at the cost of losing their starting quarterback Derek Carr. This is really disappointing to me because Raiders’ fans have not seen a season like this in 14 years. It would have been wonderful to make a deep playoff run, perhaps even Super Bowl run. While I won’t completely write the Raiders off, I think it’s important to be realistic and say our chances have at least taken a hit.

I can’t help not feeling bad for Derek Carr or any athlete who suffers a serious, season ending injury so close to the postseason. All the time and work this guy has put in during the off-season, regular season and preseason just to have your leg broken in the second to last game. Ouch, that is freaking brutal! Derek Carr was not the only quarterback who got his leg broken yesterday, Marcus Mariota also suffered a fractured leg. I want to wish a speedy recovery to both of them.

I am truly grateful!

I’m going to wrap up this post by saying how grateful I am. Today is Christmas and I’m blessed to be healthy, able to share my opinion on my little blog here and I am very thankful for my daughter and the health of my daughter. May all of you reading this always have something to be grateful for. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into that prime rib I smell cooking right now. God bless!

Assassin’s Creed Movie Review

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, movie goers of all ages, welcome to Rob’s Assassin’s Creed movie review here on

The first thing I want to talk about in this post is the cost of going to movies. I believe I spent almost $30 last night (Tuesday December 20, 2016) on my 3D movie ticket, popcorn and drink. Honestly at that price I probably would have been better off just waiting for the digital HD release and buying that. That way even if I didn’t like the movie I would have saved $10. Oh well, food for thought for the next movie.

Assassin's Creed movie poster
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I want to start this review by saying I am a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I have played every game from Assassin’s Creed through Black Flag. With that said I always feels like Ubisoft does a great job marketing their games. They have always succeeded at making me feel like I was really going to be missing something if I didn’t play Assassin’s Creed. That marketing worked on me right up until I was going to have to upgrade to PS4, and I also got busy doing other things.

I like to think of Ubisoft’s marketing as selling the sizzle and not so much the steak. Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed playing the AC franchise but honestly it never seemed to live up to the hype for me. I’m not trying to take anything away from Ubisoft or Assassin’s Creed, I’m just saying their sizzle always seems more satiating than their steak.

With that said, I was excited to hear about and had high hopes for the Assassin’s Creed movie. I actually said way back in 2008 that I thought this game franchise would make a good movie. Based on what I watched last night I was wrong, but it’s not the same story.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought the movie was enjoyable, maybe even good but certainly not great, and even more importantly not really what I was hoping for. To the writer’s credit it would be challenging for most people to trim the narrative of a game down to the length of a movie. So I thought the story was a little weak.

Movies, TV and music are either emotional or interesting to me. Interest and emotion are the things that draw me in and keep my attention. I feel as though Assassin’s Creed the movie didn’t live up to my hopes because there was no emotional attachment for me. Like I said, I love the franchise but I didn’t know these characters so the only thing keeping me involved in the movie was my enjoyment of the original Assassin’s Creed story as opposed to the story of the movie.

Now that I have had almost 24 hours to think about what I witnessed onscreen last night and maybe I’m wrong or way too critical, or perhaps I have been disconnected from the franchise for too long but I just didn’t get what I wanted from this movie.

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on this film I would recommend waiting to rent the digital HD or DVD.

Is the U.S. Suffering From a Mentality of Lack

Are we getting too cheap as a society? It seems as though Americans are always looking for the best deal on everything. I know I am certainly guilty of it. I want to get the most bang for my buck! Are we really looking to save money or just spend our savings on something else?

I think maybe the bigger question here is – are we living from a lack mentality? Are we behaving like we have limited money, time, resources, love, acceptance and so forth. Has the Godlessness and lack of discipline finally caught up to us?

Obviously the answer to that question is a resounding yes. If people are getting trampled and even worse killed over Black Friday sales then there’s a serious problem. They have taken our desire to save money and turned it against to the point where the Thanksgiving holiday in America has been completely infringed upon. It’s no longer about giving thanks, it’s about getting to stores to start Christmas shopping that evening and night.

Really, is this what we have turned into as a country? So desperate to save money that we end up discounting what’s really important, our family and friends, and time together as a unit. It’s time to wake up, stop overspending and stop feeling the need to buy everyone everything. Perhaps we have all gotten a little too materialistic.

Reaping Profits

I want your product or service discounted so greatly you will not profit from me!

While I’m on the subject of money and mentality I want to say a few words about minimum wage. I want to preface these statements by saying that I don’t currently work a minimum wage job but have over the course of my life, so I know the pain.

Here’s the thing. If we raise minimum wage too high it will have a detrimental effect on our economy and consumer spending. It’s very simple really – when the cost of employees increases so do the goods, food or services their employers offer.

Retail prices must increase to help offset the newly increased cost of minimum wage employees. It’s the natural progression of things. You don’t really think a company is simply going to absorb a payroll increase without increasing their prices do you? That’s an absurd notion! What this means is that the dollar menu now becomes the 3 dollar menu and the ripple effect of an increase in minimum wage drives the prices up on all goods, food and services.

So every sector of business in these United States that employs those receiving minimum wage will be impacted. Higher retail prices could have the effect of less business, less profit and less available jobs. If minimum wage increases and the cost of everything you already buy increases then what are you really gaining? Nothing!

Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be careers. I submit to you the idea that minimum wage jobs should serve as fuel to your inspirational fire. These jobs should inspire you to reach higher and want more out of life.

The Many Uses of Greeting Cards

Uses of Greetings Cards

For a business to be in the competition it is always necessary that it has a strong client base. But it is not necessary that you can retain a customer by only selling your products and services. There are also other means of retaining customers like handing over custom made greeting cards on a special occasion. This is a good way to retain your customers and also do brand hammering of your company name and logo. Handing over of greeting cards is a sign of good and sober gesture. This creates a good impression in the mind of the customer, and also make the customer feel their important in the organization.

Greeting cards used for marketing promotions

Using of greeting cards for fulfilling marketing needs is direct. But, not annoying like other marketing tools. There are high chances that your customer may ignore the flyers and brochures handed over but, discarding an attractive looking greeting card is not easy. Birthdays, anniversaries are special occasions where an organization can forward a greeting card to their customers, but, there are occasions like, Christmas, New Year which are also most apt for you to post greeting cards.

Greeting cards an effective advertising tool

Greeting cards can also be an effective tool for advertising. Say for instance, it is your customers’ birthday and there are exciting birthday gifts which are available on your store, you can always display the gifts to your customer through greeting cards.

Greeting cards a creative way to attract customers’ attention

For a greeting cards to attract the customers’ attention it is necessary that it looks attractive and creative. Now-a-days there are greeting cards that are available in various shapes and sizes. Shape greeting cards according to the customers liking, and get surety that your message will be passed on. Greeting cards printing services are also available on die-cut print option, which will increase the customers’ interest and curiosity. Promoting brand awareness through greeting cards also makes the customer feel that your organization is there as and when they require your service.

Greeting cards an impressive tool to recall customers the organization name

Greeting cards are a way to express your thoughts and emotions. Thus, it helps to communicate at a more personal level, thereby helping you to build relation at a more personal level. There are clients in your record that are dormant for a very long time. And, sending greeting cards can refreshes your company name in their minds.

Greeting cards an effective motivational tool

There are moments when greeting postcards printing projects may and can be used for motivating employees for their exceptional contribution through their performance. This will give recognition within the organization and motivate him for future performance. Handing over a congratulatory greeting card also encourages the employee to stay loyal and dedicated towards the organization as he or she is impressed about the support within the organization.

Greeting cards make it look professional

Passing on thanks giving verbally makes it look unofficial, when it is coming from an organizations part. The best way to pass on thanks giving in a professional way is by conveying the message with the help of greeting cards.

Designing of greeting cards

Designing of greeting cards needs sincere and dedicated effort. There are various templates available for a creative design of your greeting cards. A greeting card should be designed depending on the mood of the occasion whereas a greeting card for formal thanksgiving should have a formal design. Greeting cards can be made to look attractive with a mix and match of colors. Making the right color choice will make it look more vibrant and eye catching. Make sure to use colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Using of pictures is also a creative approach towards printing a lively looking greeting card. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas are an example of few greeting cards where pictures can play a major role.


Some of the greeting cards are also used for promotional and advertising purposes. In that case greeting cards having the pictures of various products of your company can be effective for promoting your business. However, select designs that will look original and unique to the eyes of the customers. There are also other methods of making your greeting cards look more attractive. Using of glossy or matte finish for your greeting card will make it look more sophisticated and attractive. The shape and size of greeting cards can be as per your choice. For example, if it is a baby boy’s birthday then having birthday greeting cards at his preferable superhero shape will draw his attention better. The fonts used in the greeting card should be of a standard size so that, it is readable with the naked eyes. The color of the texts is also a place of concern, try and use colors that are in contrast with the color of the greeting card.

The material used for printing of greeting cards is also a major concern. Try and use good quality paper for the printing, as it will give a better look to the pictures and designs used in the greeting card. Other than that greeting cards made of good quality paper will make it more durable.

Who should print the greeting cards?

There ae various companies that are available in and around the city, from whom the printing of greeting cards can be done. But, it is always advisable that you do a thorough research on all the companies that are on your list. Make sure you read the comments and testimonials of every customer who has taken their service earlier. This will help in better filtration of your choice. Always go for the printing service that can provide you with quality printing and also at a desirable price of your choice. There are also many online printing companies that can do the printing of your greeting cards. They even provide privileges, like exclusive discounts and other offers on printing from their printing service. Last but not the least online printing companies also make sure that the end product is directly delivered at your doorsteps, thereby relieving you from the pain of collecting it at their store.

Credibility – Is it the New King?

I have had websites for a long time. I think I developed my first one in 1999. I did take some time off but eventually came back online in 2006 and have had some presence in the form of websites ever since. I experienced moderate success and some monumental failures. My latest attempt is my custom coin website

I was spoiled in 2008 by some almost instant success with some action figure websites I started. I took advantage of some of the search engine loopholes that existed back then. 2008 or 2009 was my best year online, I’m NOT sure which but they were both pretty decent, however one did stand above the other.

The search engines have changed a lot since then. As I look back on it now, they probably had too. Some of the loopholes were pretty big, obvious and used extensively by people like me and that’s one reason they were shut down. Additional reasons would include spammers, scammers and probably just some pretty unsavory individuals exploiting said loopholes.

My websites didn’t fail me necessarily – not as much as I failed them. See I did something really stupid. I rested on my laurels or felt an unearned since of accomplishment and thought I had reached my pinnacle. Like there was nothing left to do beside count my money. Well the money stops when the traffic stops and a website should also be known as an unending work site. The job of a webmaster is never complete if they are responsible for everything regarding their website. The fact of the matter is that a website owner always needs to be thinking about marketing their site, unless your website is in the top 5000 websites on the internet or your brand is a household name or you’ve hit a level of income that you’re satisfied with.

The truth is I like to blame Google for some of my failures as a webmaster but the harsh reality is that I was the one who chose to do things the way I did them. No one put a gun to my head and made me do things my way except for my own free will and ignorance. I thought I could short cut my way to the top and stay there. NO sir!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s easy or at least don’t believe them. The reality is that you can still probably achieve a high SERP for certain keyword phrases without a ton of work. That’s always going to be the case. However your most competitive keywords are still going to be a huge challenge unless you do one main thing above all else; okay two things. Make your website nice and be credible.

Credibility is the new king of the internet

Credibility is the thing that Google seems to value every bit as much as any SEO. Of course you still need a solid back link profile and original quality content but credibility is incredibly meaningful. Stop and think about this. Google created Google Plus for two reasons. One, to create their own form of social media and number two, so webmasters and web authors could claim their own original content. Credibility my friend. Honestly you can look at the webmaster tools that Bing and Google offer as your website’s first level of credibility and it goes on from there. You can claim your content using Google Plus, claim your website using Alexa and WOT, buy a SSL certificate, put your website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on.

The desire and or need for more credible websites and webmasters was the spearhead that changed search results and search algorithms forever.

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Wholesale Challenge Coins – Fact or Fiction

Wholesale challenge coins are a complete contradiction and go against everything most custom coin vendors stand for. Well except the cheesy advertising gimmicks.

Let’s take an investigative look as to why I believe this is such BS.

First of all the idea of wholesale implies that your customers will be buying from you at deeply discounted prices. Wrong! If they were buying from you at factory prices then an American based business wouldn’t have enough money to pay their employees, advertising or any other business expense. Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you did make enough to pay all those expenses, at least temporarily. What happens when business becomes slow and you don’t have any working capital because you didn’t make enough money from the orders you received? I mean you’re a wholesaler aren’t you? This scenario sets the stage for disastrous consequences for both the business and consumer.

Don’t be taken in by price alone. The myth busters; Adam and Jamie did prove that you can in fact polish a turd. Buying custom minted coins based on price alone is reckless to say the least.

Wholesale Challenge Coins

I have experienced occurrences where customers call us after they had coins made with one of our competitors and decide they want to create an order with us. In addition the new customer finds out their previous vendor supplied them an inferior product for a higher price. I have seen such extreme cases of this that South Korean manufactured coins could have been purchased and the customer still would have paid less than they did for the Chinese manufactured custom challenge coins they received. If you’re familiar with South Korean coins then you know they are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts. This extreme of a case is probably an anomaly but it brings to light real world situations.

The moral of this story is really the old adage you get what you pay for. I think the term wholesale in wholesale challenge coins is relative when compared with the retail prices you see from some already made coins for sale. The bottom line really is this, you can either invest your time shopping around for the best price or you can visit where you can save $50 right now, today!

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Fear of Action

Lets say for argument’s sake that you are someone who has grossed over two million dollars from a website. Can you envision a scenario where you would be so petrified of making the wrong SEO decisions that you do nothing while your business slowly erodes?

The reason I ask these questions is because I know someone in this scenario. Today I flat out challenged him when I said you can either take action by doing something or you can go out of business! Like it or not that’s the eventuality of not taking action. It might not be tomorrow and it might not be six months from now but eventually it will happen.

Honestly I understand how he feels. Lord knows I have seen my websites decimated in the Google SERP. I also know that I’ve seen some of them return by trying different things. I have told him what he should do but he wants to wait until he figures it out.

Wait! What? What is there to figure out? Look at what your competitors are doing! They are honking as they drive by your site on their way to the front page. Anything you need to figure out can be figured out in thirty minutes or less. Look at their sites and look at their link profiles. It’s pretty simple in my opinion. I know it may be challenging to execute but you won’t know unless you try. Trying something beats the shit out of standing idly by and waiting to figure it out.

I don’t think I would be as passive about it as he is if I was in those shoes. I mean, if you possess a cash cow you’re not going to shoot it dead. You’re going to do everything in your power to keep that cash flowing. So what if it costs you some money. Search Engine Optimization is a whole hell of a lot more cost effective than pay per click advertising. You don’t get the instant gratification from SEO that you get from PPC but the benefit of SEO is a more consistent SERP and greater overall exposure.

He’s a pretty whimsical dude any way and he has said before that he would just shut it down rather than pay Google for advertising again. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when he talks so matter of fact about closing a business that I have put my heart and soul into.

Oh well, I guess we’ll all see what happens.

Search engine optimization has become cumbersome

I wanted to write a post touting myself as this great Search Engine Optimizer. The truth is far less attractive than the first sentence implies. I have spent countless hours doing on page search engine optimization and doing it well with little to no results. I have come to understand that it’s very difficult to rank for some of my desired keyword phrases without a handsome budget to pay for links. Links seem to be harder and harder to come by these days as more and more people know their value. Even reciprocal link exchanges are becoming difficult to attract, keep and manage.

Search engine optimization is a challenge to manage when you have several sites, work a full time job and want to attempt to have a somewhat normal offline life. In December 2011 I purchased links for one of my sites in the form of blog posts or some of you may know them better as sponsored reviews. I didn’t buy from sponsored reviews dot com I bought from someone else. Those particular links didn’t seem to do a damn thing for my SERP or my PR. Not even a flicker or bounce to the front page. The site I wanted to get on the first page was already in the top 15. It seems as though I would have gotten as good of a result by burning the money as I did buying the links. I monitor my stats daily using stat counter and I use Advanced Web Rankings to check my site’s serp about every ten days or so. If you’re a site owner like me then you know when your site increases or decreases in rank. You can just tell by the amount of organic traffic you get. The reality is that I am actually considering giving up. The cost in money and time can be daunting and I just don’t know if I want to continue making the investment for subpar results.

Let’s evaluate the costs involved. You have domain names, hosting, SEO, advertising, time invested in creating and modifying your site, time invested in keyword research and analysis of your competitors seo and advertising campaigns. It’s a whole lot to deal with. The good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself unless you don’t have money to invest by paying someone else to do it. We’re all fighting the same battles with our SEO. We all have keywords we want to rank well for but the reality is there’s only so many spots available on the first page and really if you’re not number 5 or higher then your site may as well not even be on the front page.

One of my biggest bitches is about exact match domains I own don’t seem to work on Google the way I think they should. I have always heard or been under the impression that exact match domains are a slam dunk in the way of ranking. Get a hold of one of these puppies and a few back links and it’s game over. You’re there on the front page. That’s not what my research or real world experience has shown me. There was a time when it was more common and seemed that easy but not anymore. I am getting to the point where I am about to just say “FUCK IT, I’M DONE!” If I do that then all the time and money I have invested has just been a big waste! Maybe someone like me shouldn’t be a website owner. I mean, I’m not a writer, I don’t just sit back and write a ton of content all day long. I know content is king but damn, come on. The shit you have to go through in order to rank your site. I really need to decide if I want to keep playing this game or not. It’s an expensive game to lose!

I’m probably just yammering. I am going to bitch and complain and keep doing what I have been doing, I am just going to make sure I do it better.


Google Indexing Redirects

Is Google indexing redirects was the question I asked myself last week when I noticed something strange in a search related to a keyword phrase I target. The indexed path in question is highlighted by a green box below.

Is Google indexing redirects?

Is Google indexing redirects?

Click on the image to see the path in question.

If Google is in fact indexing redirects then I would like to inquire as to how I get my redirects indexed.
I was under the impression that Google doesn’t like webmasters using redirects on their site to prevent commission theft and that the only redirects that are acceptable are those of top level domains, ie: to
So by that rationale, I don’t understand how or why this particular subdomain got indexed and furthermore I fail to understand why it would rank so high. There’s nothing particularly special about the landing page of this redirect. It’s just another page of
As far as I can tell there are clearly; higher quality, better qualified and overall flat out just more deserving sites available for indexing in this position.

I guess this question will sink into the black abyss of unanswered webmaster questions and remain a mystery like aliens, Area 51, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.